Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Its back in the air and on our journeys to work... but this transition brings in the need for some reflective music, something that feels like heat but welcomes the cold walk to work. 

Orbital came from the late 80s and their reputation proceeds them, the English electronic duo are brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll from Kent and their name harks back to the days of the acid house rave scene - central to that was the M25 also known as London's orbital motorway. Moving as far away from the experience of driving on it as you could get this song brings everything you need to relax into transitions, in travel, life and the seasons. Welcome autumn..   

Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise

Friday, 30 August 2013


Probably best to start with something good, here's a little video from Trevone in Cornwall with some good friends. 

The next chapter is good music (obviously), good vibes and might have some good views too...

Trevone 2013 from Beanie Hayward on Vimeo.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


This is not really new to anyone but I have a new found love for Dreadzone - they have welcomed in the new year for me and I think will continue to motivate me through these early wintery months of the year. 

A British band born out of the early 90's - Dreadzone is made up of Greg Roberts and Tim Bran, then Leo Williams and Dan Donovan. Soon signed to Virgin Records the band released their second studio album which is in my opinion their finest, called 'Second Light'. Since then 2 new members have been added and they are well into their sixth album of the most eclectic fusions of dub, reggae, techno, folk and rock. 

March and April will see them touring the UK and I'm sure they are even better in the flesh. Im booking my ticket - Happy New Year!

Here is 'Little Britain':

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Girl crush - Haim the band are three sisters from LA who have thoroughly succeeded in combining the best of folk and R&B. The very best of the 80s nostalgia of Baywatch and Cyndi Lauper with the best of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. In fact it was a The Guardian who described them as 'think Steve Nicks produced by Dallas Austin or The Staves in a tussle with TLC' - everything about them ticks the box for me.  

They've been on tour here for the last month and they're supporting Florence in a few weeks at London's 02 Arena - they are set for big things - "Forever" is their debut EP. Watch it here:

Friday, 19 October 2012


Slightly mirroring the mood of today.. its a Friday afternoon but tonight is all about curling up inside by the fire ready for the weekend ahead, mostly hibernating. King Krule will take you home to the comfort and warmth of the weekend in your car with the lights on because its dark outside at 5.30.

Archy Marshall is 17 years old, fresh out of Brit school and is brilliant - his music is described as new wave or darkwave and inspired by many. Compared with the likes of Morrissey or Edwyn Collins his voice is so distinctive. This particular song is a favourite of mine but all of his music varies in style and impact and influence, yet every one is as strong as the next - 

Here is 'The Noose of Jah City':

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


It would be a nice feeling if it was so hot and sunny that we got lost in the light. Bahamas, aka Afie Jurvanen, has a melancholic way of making you feel both lifted and saddened at the same time. It almost makes you feel like the lights streaming through the windows by the beach in the bahamas and it doesn't get much better than that but your still finding it hard to get out of bed. This man is not from the Bahamas though, he is from  Ontario, and finnish- Canadian. Try it and see. I like it and am sure as the rest of the USA do too it will be coming our way soon.

Lost in the Light - BAHAMAS: 

Thursday, 27 September 2012


AFRICAN INFLUENCED BASS MUSIC. Too good for a Thursday afternoon at your desk but it will be a perfect start to your weekend. THE BUSY TWIST is made up of two very talented 21 year old producers Ollie Williams and Gabriel Benn, based in London the two have created unison between the vibrancy and energy of African musical culture with all the good bits from the UK dance scene

Established in 2009 on their first trip to Ghana this duo were instantly caught up in the vibrant energy and array of musical talent - since then they have built strong relationships with musicians in Ghana who they continue to work with. They have this quote across all their platforms and I think it sums it all up:

'The colour of poverty is vibrant in Ghana. Constant movement the rush of work towards the next piece of bread, creates not the downbeaten environment that is so often portrayed of a less economically developed country, but a vivid picture of energy' (Tuesday Born) 

Turn it up - it will make you happy. 'Friday Night':